30Sep An “extraordinary mercy” – “I give you the power of the keys”

Paddy Ferry draws our attention to a story that is carried in newwaysministry.org about Fr. James Alison, his suspension by the Congregation for Clergy and the “extraordinary mercy” of a phone call from Pope Francis.

30Sep Women and the Church – Public Meeting – Next Saturday, 05 October

The Association of Catholic Priests will host a public meeting on
Women and the Church on Saturday 05 October 2019 at 2.00 p.m. in DCU, Dublin

Speakers: Sharon Tighe-Mooney and Mary McAleese (in an interview with Gerry O'Connor cssr)
All welcome

30Sep 30 September, 2019. Monday of Week 26

Children can give us a glimpse of the new Jerusalem, for Zechariah imagines the city with boys and girls playing in the streets; and in the Gospel Jesus turns to children to teach about who is greatest in the Kingdom of God...

29Sep Presider’s Page for 29 September (Ordinary Time 26)

Today’s readings remind us that God is on the side of the poor, defending their rights.
• Today is the 105th World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

29Sep 29 September, 2019. 26th Sunday (C)

"Please send him to my father's house to warn my five brothers, to keep them from coming into this place of torment.' Abraham replied, 'They have Moses and the prophets; they should listen to them.'

28Sep 28 September, 2019. Saturday of Week 25

Zechariah teaches us not to be too gloomy or pessimistic. Each sorrow can be transformed into a reason for hope. In God's name he says, "I will favour Jerusalem and the house of Judah; do not fear."

27Sep 27 September, 2019. Friday of Week 25

Luke, more than the other evangelists, regularly portrays Jesus at prayer. It was after such a pause for prayer that he asked his disciples the two questions, "Who do others say I am?" and "Who do you say I am?" They were important questions. ...

26Sep A Power Sharing Model of Synodality from Germany

Brendan Hoban, in the Western People, writing about 'Synodality' says that "The truth is that there is a split, a clear divide, opening up in the Catholic Church between those who realise that ‘synodality’ (clergy and laity working together rather than clergy dominating laity) is the way forward and those who want things to remain as they were."

26Sep 26 September, 2019. Thursday of Week 25

Luke paints a sad portrait of Herod the Tetrarch, for whom religion was a curiosity, a practical way to win the people's loyalty. How ironic that his wish to see the Nazarene prophet was fulfilled only when, for political reasons...

25Sep 25 September, 2019. Wednesday of Week 25

Ezra was like another Moses, urging his Hebrew people to faithfully keep their covenant with God. Although the Jews returned from exile in 537 B.C., on reaching the Promised Land they accomplished little, apart from partially...