30Sep Women and the Church – Public Meeting – Next Saturday, 05 October

The Association of Catholic Priests

will host a public meeting on

Women and the Church 

on Saturday, 05 October 2019, at 2.00 p.m.

in DCU, Dublin


Sharon Tighe-Mooney
Mary McAleese (in an interview with Gerry O’Connor cssr)

All welcome




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  1. Phil Greene

    Thank you ACP for facilitating a further discussion in relation to women in the CC.
    Mary Vallely’s comment in an earlier thread is I feel equally relevant here.

    “Eddie@1, I took great comfort in some of the statements issued by our new auxiliary bishop, Michael Router, both as bishop elect and in his ordination address.
    If I may quote :-

    “the Church must never hanker for the certainties of the past but work towards creating a new expression of what it means to be Church in this time and this place.”

    The Church in Ireland had become “too comfortable in its position of temporal as well as spiritual authority.”….
    “It must be said that as a Church we rely heavily on the cooperation, support and help of women to achieve anything worthwhile. Their contribution needs further enhancement and development if we are to flourish in the future.”

    And quoting Pope Francis in his recent Exhortation Christus Vivit,
    “a Church that is overly fearful and tied to its structures can be invariably critical of efforts to defend the rights of women, and constantly point out the risks and the potential errors of those demands. Instead, a living Church can react by being attentive to the legitimate claims of those women who seek greater justice and equality”.”

    I would hope that priests at local Parish level, along with their respective PCs would show their appreciation for women and the work they do in their parishes by publicly announcing this public meeting from the Sanctuary and/or posting it in the weekly newsletter. Parishioners need to know that their PP/ Priests are supportive in this regard. Whilst this is not the ideal situation it is our reality and so silent gentlemen.. it’s time to find/lend your voice to positive change… be not afraid..

  2. Pól Ó Duibhir


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