06Oct Presider’s Page for 6 October (Ordinary Time 27)

The Spirit of God lives in us, inspiring us and guarding us. In the Spirit, we worship our creator and entrust ourselves to the Lord’s loving care.

• ‘Day for Life’ is celebrated today by the Church in Ireland, focussing on the theme: ‘The Scourge of Domestic Abuse’.

06Oct A Time to Dream

Chris McDonnell, in the Catholic Times, lets us know that it is good to have dreams to aim for ... that when "memories begin to fracture .. the dreams we once had remain."
"a Synod called to listen to the voices of South America, is in session. It will have repercussions for the whole Church. Not only will it consider issues specific to that community of our Church, but it will tell us a story of how our dreams are shaped and cared for. We must listen, we must respond, we must care for each other."

06Oct 06 October, 2019. 27th Sunday (C)

Early in the morning Jesus often went up the hillside, his favourite place for quiet prayer. When visiting Jerusalem, he spent nights at prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane...