09Oct ‘What About Me? Women and the Catholic Church’

Sharon Tighe-Mooney was stunned to read that Pope Benedict XVl had made the ordination of women a more serious "crime" than sexual abuse of children! She devoted herself to research the reasons for this and has published a very clear and readable book; 'What About Me? Women and the Catholic Church'
Sharon will address this topic on Monday, 14 October, 2019 at the Mercy International Centre, 64A Baggot Street, Dublin 2: 7.30pm to 9.15pm  

09Oct Synod – “high expectations” and “infinite hope”

An extract from a report in americamagazine.org by Luke Hansen SJ dealing with the ministry women exercise in the church in the Amazon region.
“since there are few priests, women baptize children and preside at marriages .... Sometimes we also have to listen to confessions. Of course, we cannot give absolution, but we place ourselves in a position of humbleness, listen to the person and give a word of comfort, perhaps before death.” - Alba Teresa Cediel Castillo, M.M.L.

09Oct 09 October, 2019. Wednesday of Week 27

Jonah cannot abide the idea of Israel's enemies receiving mercy, after the harm they had done to his own people. He pleaded to be allowed bypass Nineveh and leave it to destruction...