27Oct The Choice   (by Edith Eger)

Memories of a visit to Auschwitz and the life story of Edith Eger inspire Seamus Ahearne.
"If Edith can parallel her life story with the life stories of her patients,  I wonder where might we go, if we took her methods into our story of faith and church and ministry.   We are so often imprisoned in sadness. We apologise for the past. We are embarrassed by that past. We blame others. We feel that we have failed. .... We can’t let go. We don’t want to get out of prison. We are afraid to wander into freedom and future and hope."

27Oct Presider’s Page for 27 October (Ordinary Time 30)

The Gospel story of the Pharisee and the tax collector is read today. It reminds us of the value of being humble before God. In today’s gathering, we praise God who is always merciful to us. Penitential Rite: To begin, we recall our sins in the context of divine mercy: (pause) I confess…

27Oct Condolences to Gerry O Connor

We express our sympathies to Gerry O Connor, member of the ACP leadership team, and to his family on the death of his father Tom O’Connor.

27Oct 27 October, 2019. 30th Sunday (C)

Opposites can attract: In marriage and other human relationships we often notice how unlike personalities complement each other. But opposites can also be far apart, like the tax collector (far off), and the Pharisee, (confident and up-front)...