27Oct 27 October, 2019. 30th Sunday (C)

Opposites can attract: In marriage and other human relationships we often notice how unlike personalities complement each other. But opposites can also be far apart, like the tax collector (far off), and the Pharisee, (confident and up-front)...

26Oct Amazon synod calls for married priests, pope to reopen women deacons commission

The National Catholic Reporter carries a report about the conclusions of the Synod on the Amazon.

26Oct “wake us from the slumber of indifference, open our eyes … “

A prayer by Pope Francis for 'Those Who Have Died After Leaving Their Homelands in Search of a Better Life' is posted here as we struggle with the extent of the tragedy that claimed 39 lives in a lorry container in Grays, Essex, U.K. - What must we do to "wake us from the slumber of indifference, open our eyes ..." Mattie Long

26Oct 26 October, 2019. Saturday of Week 29

"If the Spirit dwells in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies also" Like the barren fig-tree, we too can hope for better things...

25Oct “a never finished conversion”

Dublin diocese website carried the  Homily notes of Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin on the occasion of the canonisation of John Henry Newman.
"A Catholicism of self-defined certainties will lead eventually to a doubt about all certainties and thus to emptiness. A Catholicism of self-defined certainties and self-importance led to an authoritarian and harsh Irish Catholicism, with  consequences we know only too well."
"I am astonished at the content and tone of daily messages on social media by Catholic pundits on the left and the right that are anything but kindly.  There are those who spend all day attacking and responding and feeling that in this they are defending the integrity of Church teaching.  The kindly light will never be defended by nastiness and bitterness."

25Oct 25 October, 2019. Friday of Week 29

"Wretched man that I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?" Paul offers an existential view of hope. He describes his struggless not with calm detachment but in the emotional language of his own complicated self...

24Oct Amazon Synod Briefing: Role of women, inculturation, synodality

A report from Vatican News about the ongoing Synod; "Amazon Synod Briefing: Role of women, inculturation, synodality:.
How aware is the average parishioner, and the average priest, in Ireland of what is being discussed?

24Oct 24 October, 2019. Thursday of Week 29

Jesus desperately wanted to get through his ordeal, so that the fire of the Holy Spirit could begin to blaze. This ordeal must also include his disciples...

23Oct 23 October, 2019. Wednesday of Week 29

Even in the best-planned lives, the unexpected does sometimes happen. The idea of unexpected crisis is central to today's gospel. A burglar suddenly...

22Oct The Theologian of Liberation

With the Synod of the Amazon in its final days, Chris McDonnell, in the Catholic Times, finds it a good time to reflect again on the life and work of the Brazilian theologian, Leonardo Boff.

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