30Nov Advent leads to light…

Chris McDonnell, writing in the Catholic Times, offers a few thoughts about the season of Advent. "The story of that journey to Bethlehem is mirrored so often in our present day society. Stories of refugee families in transit, struggling to care for young children or newly born infants abound in News programmes. Those living on the streets of this country are a constant reminder of the poverty that exists in our own affluent society."

30Nov Our Podcast Menu

The "Podcast" category is a collection of audio-recordings germane to the aims of our Association.

30Nov 30 November, 2019. St Andrew, apostle

God's call in our own lives is perhaps not all that different to how he called Andrew and Simon. We can be called to change from one lifestyle to another, to go beyond...

29Nov Lay Involvement in Parishes – ACI Pilot Study

ACI pilot study highlights serious concern about active lay involvement in parishes and calls on the Irish bishops to commission a countrywide survey to identify the key issues prior to holding a national synod to discern the way forward for the church.

29Nov 29 November, 2019. Friday of Week 34

This strange, apocalyptic message predicts the new heavens and the new earth. Weird as the vision may seem to us, our world will blossom...

28Nov Outstanding Characters!

Thinking about some outstanding characters passed a while for Seamus Ahearne on his birthday.
(Happy Birthday, Seamus 🎂)

28Nov 28 November, 2019. Thursday of Week 34

St Mark links the fall of Jerusalem with the end of the world, but Luke separates these two events. Writing after Jerusalem's destruction, he knew that ...

27Nov 27 November, 2019. Wednesday of Week 34

The Greek word for patience (hypomoné) suggests consistency and dependability. The ideal pervades today's gospel...

26Nov Child abuse inquiry admits to ‘seriously erroneous statistic’ 

"Number of children who went through institutions investigated by Ryan Commission is about a quarter of 170,000 previously cited."
In a statement on the commission website on Monday, Mr Justice Seán Ryan said “the commission’s report published in May 2009 contains a seriously erroneous statistic according to the general agreement of relevant experts and bodies. 

26Nov 26 November, 2019.Tuesday of Week 34

At the end of the liturgical year we read the most symbol-laden literature in the Bible, popular among people who love apocalyptic science fiction.