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Advent & Christmastide

If requested, these can continue  through 2020.  While all our podcasts can be found on their respective DATES, here’s a sample set of them.

Our podcasts are audio-recordings (preferably MP3s) linked to the aims of our Association. Recorded radio Interviews by our members could provide ideal content for this archive. Our topics can be anything pastoral or theological, including recordings of parish council meetings with positive vision for the church’s future and the sharing of ministries. If members can suggest podcasts to add to this archive, please send them to the ACP leadership. Also, if you can record some new audio (*or even video) material for us, that would be great!

YouTube podcasts

Why study the Early Christian Liturgy? (Tom O’Loughlin)

Why Study the Didache? (Tom O’Loughlin)

The Protoevangelium of James (Tom O’Loughlin)

Sample Topics for future podcasts:

  • Background to married diaconate

  • What our deacons currently do

  • Views of the deacons’ wives

  • Story of the Cells Movement

  • How a Cell can benefit a parish

  • Religion in today’s Areopagus

  • The future of the Sacraments

  • Faith language suited for today

  • Leadership and collaboration

  • The sharing of ministries

  • The social value of a living parish

  • When a priest can honourably retire

  • Gospel-based  pastoral planning


2 Responses

  1. John Murphy

    As a former cleric, living in France, I would like to Express my gratitude for the spiritual support you give me.
    One request if possible, could the audio daily thought be made available as mp3 files, which would enable me to return to them.
    Sincerely yours.


  2. patrick Rogers

    Hello John
    Thanks for your kind words. Also, at your request there are some links here to Sunday podcasts for the Advent and Christmas season. If requested by our hearers, we can put the Daily Podcast links here too.

    Patrick R.