01Nov Contributing ACP Podcasts

As we discussed briefly at our AGM (30/10/2019) it’s proposed to have a Podcast category on the website, to further our aim of sharing ideas about the present and future state of our church. In its current form it looks like: PODCASTS — but its format can change, if people suggest useful improvements.

This new category can be a useful amenity, an archive of audio-recordings in line with the aims of our Association. Recorded radio Interviews can offer ideal content for this archive, as well as any pastoral or current material our members are inspired to contribute. Many of our members have already given incisive interviews on various radio stations. I think of some fine interviews on radio stations, by Brendan Hoban, Tim Hazelwood, Gerry O’Connor, Gerry O’Hanlon, Brian Darcy and others. Could they obtain and supply us with a copy of some of that audio material?

Relevant topics for podcasts are very varied, and could include the core moments of a parish council meeting where some positive vision for the future of the parish and the sharing of authority between those who actively engage in promoting its welfare.

Mr Gerry Bennett has expressed his willingness to cooperate with us on this initiative, which he regards as very timely and useful. We recommend some software recording programme like AUDACITY as ideal for making a home podcast. All you need is a good microphone plugged into your computer, with a little practice in how to record and edit your material.

If members can suggest URLs containing already-exising podcasts worth including in this Podcast Archive, please send them to the ACP leadership. Also, if you can record some new audio (*or even video) material for us, that would be great.

Pat Rogers