26Jan 26 January, 2020. 3rd Sunday, Year A

For centuries the word "vocation" was generally limited to priests and religious. It has been restored to all of the baptised and...

19Jan 19 January, 2020. 2nd Sunday (Year A)

An honest stock-taking of ourselves may unveil the selfish motives that often direct our actions...

12Jan 12 January, 2020. The Baptism of the Lord

Peter summarised the pattern of Christ's life as, "He went about doing good and healing ...for God was with him."

08Jan 08 January, 2020. Wednesday after the Epiphany

He wants to prod us too, into doing something, however small, to relieve the inequality and injustice we see around us...

07Jan 07 January, 2020. Tuesday after the Epiphany

The person of Jesus and the message he proclaims are as powerful today as when he walked this earth. He is as much God's gift to us today as he was two thousand years ago for..

06Jan 06 January, 2019. The Epiphany of the Lord

If there is to be any real epiphany in our lives it will need to be in our heads as well as in our hearts...

05Jan 05 January, 2020. Second Sunday of Christmas

Prayer (ICEL 1998)

God most high,
your only Son embraced the weakness of our flesh
to give us the power to become your children;
your eternal Word chose to dwell among us,
that we might live in your presence.
Grant …

04Jan 4 January, 2020. Saturday before Epiphany

"What are you looking for?" Their first reply is superficial, not really naming what they expected from him..

03Jan 03 January, 2020. Friday before Epiphany

At some point, we need to make our own personal response to the Lord's personal call to each one of us to come and see, and then to remain with him.

02Jan 02 January, 2020. Thursday before Epiphany

Our destiny is to keep on growing into Christ until our identity is fully shaped by our relationship with him...

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