31Jan 31 January, 2020. Friday of Week 3

In the providence of God, what seems small and insignificant can bring benefits beyond our expectations.

30Jan 30 January, 2020. Thursday of Week 3

We must not hide the light of our faith. On the other hand, we are not to parade our piety. What is needed is a quiet faithfulness, to give glory to God...

29Jan What does it mean to be Catholic today? – We Are Church Ireland

We Are Church Ireland Event with Roy Donovan
10 February
Mercy Centre International, 64a Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

29Jan 29 January, 2020. Wednesday of Week 3

The underlying message remains: Look beyond the obstacles, the set-backs, the disappointments; God is at work in Jesus, and the harvest will be great in the end...

28Jan 28 January, 2020. Tuesday of Week 3

The quality of his disciples does not depend on rank or position, talents or financial resources, but on being devoted to the will of God...

27Jan Time stops still as we remember

Seamus Ahearne is reflecting on life as it goes on all about us. "To look around is essential. To see. The birds. The buds. The wind. The hills. The air.  The underground. The people. Gratitude. Appreciation. God-moments and Good-moments. Our attention has to be on what we have and what we have been given."

27Jan 27 January, 2020. Monday of Week 3

Christian unity does not come from dominance over other churches, but from a rediscovery and celebration of what binds us together...

26Jan Why I am Pro-Life

Writing in America Magazine James Martin, S.J. gives a rationale for his pro-life outlook. "And I would invite you to consider this more as a profession of faith than as a political argument.
The best way of explaining my belief is this: The longer I live, the more I grow in awe of God’s creative activity and in reverence for God’s creation."

26Jan Presider’s Page for 26 January (Third Sunday in Ordinary Time)

The people that walked in darkness has seen a great light: Jesus, the light of the world, walks among us, preaching a message of repentance. We gather to listen to him, to share the bread of life and to prepare to go out and build up his kingdom.

26Jan 26 January, 2020. 3rd Sunday, Year A

He had taken to drink and lost his way, and was now homeless. It was a shock to Leonardo, and a prod to conversion for the man who modeled as Judas...