26Jan Why I am Pro-Life

Writing in America Magazine James Martin, S.J. gives a rationale for his pro-life outlook. "And I would invite you to consider this more as a profession of faith than as a political argument.
The best way of explaining my belief is this: The longer I live, the more I grow in awe of God’s creative activity and in reverence for God’s creation."

26Jan Presider’s Page for 26 January (Third Sunday in Ordinary Time)

The people that walked in darkness has seen a great light: Jesus, the light of the world, walks among us, preaching a message of repentance. We gather to listen to him, to share the bread of life and to prepare to go out and build up his kingdom.

26Jan 26 January, 2020. 3rd Sunday, Year A

He had taken to drink and lost his way, and was now homeless. It was a shock to Leonardo, and a prod to conversion for the man who modeled as Judas...

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