07Jan ACP on Social Media – Facebook & Twitter

ACP expands its social media presence with a new Facebook page.

Check it out here


The  ACP is already making its presence felt on twitter.

Check it out here

One Response

  1. Eddie Finnegan

    After 24 days we seem to be somewhat underwhelmed by ACP’s presence on Twitter. Even fewer of us tweet @ACPinIreland than appear on this forum.

    re one recent superficial @ACP tweet inspired by Sarah MacDonald’s superficial headlining of two lines from a thoughtful article by Vincent Twomey on “The Church in Ireland: The Present State and the Path Ahead”, why not reproduce Twomey’s full talk/article here and let us respond to it with the intelligence it deserves? Twitter has its uses but tends to foster superficial knee-jerks rather than either appreciation or argument.

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