14Feb “But I say this to you.”

Seamus Ahearne challenges us to think what the message of Christ is for us in current circumstances. "What might it be?  Now. Here. For us.  Might we be politically sensitive like Francis in regard to the Amazon? In regard to our own land. Might he demand of us, to be politically challenging in our local Church?  Might he drag our leaders away from the mind-set of praying for vocations towards being radical in what vocation, actually means today? How about a sensible deconstruction of how Liturgy has been imposed on the Church?  Much of the language in the Books should be censored.  Should we ruthlessly check,  if it is an obstacle to worship? "

14Feb 14 February, 2020. Ss Cyril and Methodius, co-patrons of Europe

He blesses us, that we may share his views and values, so others may be inclined to find life in him....