31Mar Ecumenical joint statement regarding pandemic

Katie Ascough on catholicireland.net reports on a joint statement issued by the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, Church of Ireland, Methodist Church in Ireland, Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Irish Council of Churches.

31Mar 31 March, 2020. Tuesday of Week 5 of Lent

The symbol of Israel's sin, the bronze-coloured snake with its poisonous bite, eventually became a symbol of healing and salvation...

30Mar 30 March, 2020. Monday of Week 5 of Lent

God does not judge us by our weakest moments, knowing the full story about us, not just a couple of episodes....

29Mar 29 March, 2020. 5th Sunday of Lent

Like all others, we are humbled by the inevitability of death. But we trust in the goodness of God, demonstrated in the life and words of Jesus....

28Mar Should Church Buildings now be Closed?

Should Church buildings now be closed following the further severe restrictions announced last evening by An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, and Minister for Health, Simon Harris?

28Mar A Lenten Experience

Seamus Ahearne is reflecting on the imposed restrictions and like many is making discoveries about himself: "I need people! The empty house. The silence. The absence of banter. The non-visiting. The non-communion (2 metres)."
But there is also the awareness that "We have been given so much. We cannot take it for granted.  The virus tells us of this being one world and that we share a common world. We all belong. We all need each other."

28Mar 28 March, 2020. Saturday of Week 4 of Lent

Like Nicodemus, we need to know the facts before we reject or accept. And as we try to understand, we need to respect differences of opinion...

27Mar How to mark Easter, when we cannot gather…. Updated – new public health directive

A proposal of how we can mark the occasion of Easter when we cannot gather to celebrate......
Any other practical ideas, in keeping with best practice Public Health guidelines?

27Mar 27 March, 2020. Friday of Week 4 of Lent

The fourth Evangelist tends to distinguish between the Jewish religious leaders and the people as a whole...

26Mar Presider’s Page for 29 March (Fifth Sunday of Lent)

In under a fortnight's time, the Easter Triduum will begin, on Holy Thursday evening. It will be a Triduum like no other, with no public celebrations because of the Coronavurus pandemic. But in our own homes, each of us can recall the great events that Easter remembers. We ask God’s help in the last 10 days of Lent.