05Mar Eating together, becoming one

Chris McDonnell in the Catholic Times writes about Eating together, becoming one, a recently published book by Professor Tom O'Loughlin. Tom currently holds the chair of Historical Theology in the University of Nottingham and has recently retired as president of the Catholic Theological Association. In this book he addresses the complex issue of intercommunion amongst Christian churches.
"It is ironic that the very centre of nourishment within the Christian family has become the point of division between us, a matter of confusion rather than an occasion of joy and close companionship."
"Yet too often we look for differences, we set up restrictive practices and discord takes the place of harmony. The advice from the priest over who may receive at weddings and funerals is but one telling example."

05Mar 05 March, 2020. Thursday of Week 1 of Lent

What are we to seek? What should we ask for? We should want what God wants to happen in our lives. ...

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