23Mar Why should Tony Flannery remain ‘under sanction’?

Tony Flannery, in his own blog, cites the fact that scripture scholars are now saying much, and more, of what he was silenced for ten years ago. The difference is that there is now no problem with scholars expressing their thoughts and opinions and engaging in a healthy discussion of the topics involved.

23Mar A Mishmash of thoughts on a Sunday morning

Seamus Ahearne was somewhat redundant on Sunday morning. "I read the Morning Prayer very slowly. I had to do it out-loud.  Otherwise, it was in danger of being rushed thoughtlessly.  And my mind retreated to the past.  The long distant past."

23Mar 23 March, 2020. Monday of Week 4 of Lent

We may often feel that the Lord is ignoring our prayer, or does not answer in the way we had hoped. When that happens...

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