19Mar after all this is done and gone

Journey Time

Out of all this
must come laughter
and the gradual drying of tears,
fears diminish as the finish,
slow to show at first is seen

-after all this is done and gone.


When raging hurt swells
and finally breaks composure
surely born,  when worn
by passing days
you reach that no-more time

-after all this is done and gone.


When dull deep ache, easing
drifts away, nights in sleep
return, when much is lost in distance,
just as day is chased by dusk
and only birds remain

-after all this is done and gone.


When night-wrapped world has turned
and night lights that burned
are blinded by the sun to nothingness,
when dawn dispels those darkened hours
and day flares in brilliance

-after all this is done and gone.


Then indeed comes morning awakening,
time for rebuilding, remaking, reshaping,
as sunlight breaks,
dreams stream between blinded windows,
fingering hands open in expectant greeting

-after all this is done and gone.


One Response

  1. Lloyd Allan MacPherson

    Fish have returned to the Venetian canals since humans have stopped polluting them. Up to 80,000 PREMATURE deaths caused by air pollution will have been avoided in 2 months in China.

    Was this a legacy worth toppling through worldly means and by people not attempting to pray this away? Pray away deep state corruption – how has that worked for us in the past?

    Carbon monoxide levels in the air above New York have collapsed by 50% in a single week. Nature appears to recover quickly – lift your gaze and learn from this and change – sky always meets the earth. Billionaires meet their maker too; the people who passively support them through convenience and repetition might want to distance themselves even further.

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