30Apr  Daring to Hope

Liam Power, in daring to hope, reminds us that "in the midst of the chaos precipitated by this virus, we must struggle to discover some meaning, some basis for our hope."

30Apr 30 April, 2020. Thursday of Week 3 of Easter

In the church we receive not only sacramental presence of Jesus but also the guidance and example we need to keep our faith strong...

29Apr Australian highest Court overturns Cardinal Pell’s sex abuse convictions

After an unanimous ruling by seven high court judges Cardinal George Pell will walk free from prison today after the High Court of Australia ruled he was wrongly jailed for child sexual abuse.

29Apr 29 April, 2020. Saint Catherine of Siena

Catherine begged Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome, which he did in 1377. Later, during the Western Schism of 1378 she supported Pope Urban VI, who called her to Rome, where she lived for the final two years of her life...

28Apr 28 April, 2020. Tuesday of Week 3 of Easter

In his death, Stephen mirrored the trust of Jesus himself, which should be in the hearts of all disciples....

27Apr Women’s ministry in the early church

Helen Bond, a leading academic, explores the New Testament for clues to women’s involvement in Jesus’ ministry. 
Thanks to Paddy Ferry and to Mary Cullen who edits Open House. This article is in the current edition of Open House.
Helen Bond is Professor of Christian Origins and Head of School, Divinity at the University of Edinburgh.

27Apr 27 April, 2020. Monday of Week 3 of Easter

Jesus offers us the spiritual food that can satisfy the hunger of our hearts. Our deepest seeking is leading us towards God for as St Augustine said, "You have made us for yourself and our hearts can never be at rest until they rest in You."

26Apr Presider’s Page for 26 April (Third Sunday of Easter)

During the Easter season the Church continues to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, even in these dark pandemic days. Today, we join together to worship God, who has brought about the great victory over sin and death in which we hope.

26Apr 26 April, 2020. 3rd Sunday of Easter

Today we repeat our personal YES of trust and commitment. What the Lord invites is our YES to his presence with us, here and now...

25Apr 25 April, 2020. St Mark the Evangelist

We can reckon Mark as our main source for actual, eyewitness stories about Jesus's healings, relying mainly on Peter's memories