01Apr Guide us please, dear Office-holders

Even at this late stage, a message from the Irish Episcopal Conference would be a great help to laity and clergy alike. It would also be picked up by the media and could provide a spiritual uplift for many.

01Apr For the love of God (literally), stay home, be safe and pray

Daniel P Horan in the NCR writes on the closure of churches and the suspension of public acts of worship in this time of pandemic.
"we are all called upon to care for one another by taking extraordinary measures that includes the suspension of public worship, means learning to see our love of neighbor not only as an assent to "worldly" or "secular" medical wisdom, but also an actual exercise of our love of God. Each of the manifold ways we are sacrificing to love our neighbors — self-isolation, quarantining, tending to the sick at home, supporting first responders, avoiding public places, not hoarding supplies, working remotely and even not going physically to church buildings — is itself an expression of our love of God."

01Apr Priests under pressure to perform funeral Masses despite Covid-19

Patsy McGarry writes in The Irish Times of priests under pressure to perform funeral Masses despite Covid-19 and of significant numbers of Irish Catholic priests cocooned in their homes as they are over 70.

01Apr 01 April, 2020. Wednesday of Week 5 of Lent

True freedom allows us to love and share ourselves with others as Jesus himself did - he who was "The man for others."