09Apr Love comes from Prayer

Chris McDonnell writes "The choice of where to pray and when to pray has come down to us through subsequent years; for now, this Spring, we have limited options." and he reminds us of Teilhard de Chardin who found himself in the Ordos Desert in China in 1923, unable to offer the Eucharist and wrote "Since once again, Lord I have neither bread, nor wine, nor altar,
I will raise myself beyond these symbols, up to the pure majesty of the real itself. I your priest will make the whole earth my altar and on it will offer you all the labours and sufferings of the world.’

09Apr New commission to study women deacons

Gerard O’Connell and  Colleen Dulle report in americamagazine.org on the establishment by Pope Francis of a new commission to study the issue of the ordination of women deacons.

09Apr Presider’s Page for Thursday 9 April (Holy Thursday)

The liturgy that begins this Tursday evening continues until we reach Easter. We are at the start of a three-day celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. We journey from the Last Supper to Gethsemane tonight, from there to Calvary tomorrow, and from the tomb to resurrection and new life at the Vigil of Easter Sunday.

09Apr 09 April, 2020. Holy Thursday

In St John's understanding of the Last Supper, when Jesus washed his disciples' feet it was part of what he meant by "Do this in memory of me."

09Apr Celebrating Holy Thursday in the home

This is not a 'normal' Holy Thursday, but we may have discovered new aspects of our discipleship – and recovered long-forgotten parts of our tradition – through celebrating in this very unusual way.