10Apr The Long Shutdown of Women

Roy Donovan reminds us that it was "the women who stood at the foot of the Cross when the men had fled". He asks, "Pope Francis spoke eloquently about separating colonialism from the spread of the Good News at the pan-Amazon synod. What about separating male culture from the spread of the Good News?"

10Apr Apropos of grasshopper ideas

Seamus Ahearne is wondering if "We may have to learn new and different ways of celebrating Rituals.    I think the official Books don’t do it. But that is very true of much of our present Liturgies."
" If only this time of desert, (of House Arrest) stirred the hunger within, for what really is essential to living life to the full."

10Apr Celebrating Good Friday locked down at home

Disciples not only pray for one another, but seek to present the needs of suffering humanity before the God of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is a set of intercessions specially for this coronavirus year...

10Apr 10 April, 2020. Good Friday

The power and the presence and promise of God are now accessible to us in our suffering and in our need...