17Apr Light after Darkness

Chris McDonnell in his Catholic Times column wonders how life might be changed when we eventually return to the light from the current darkness we find ourselves in.
"... the consequent life in faith of our Christian community will be fundamentally altered by our current experience.
We might resume familiar patterns but we will come to them as changed people. The shock of the new will be unavoidable. Faith will have been tested by experience and the well-worn path we have happily followed will be lost in the stones and bushes of the hedge-row. The real challenge will be to maintain our experience of inter-dependence, the realization that there is such a thing as Society, that we need each other".

17Apr Irish wakes were never meant to be like this …

Brendan Hoban says that "The corona virus has robbed us of many things, including our freedom and almost our hope, but the experience of dealing with the death and funeral obsequies of those we love adds an unconscionable burden at the present time."

17Apr 17 April, 2020. Friday of Easter Week

Even if we have failed in our friendship to him, he invites us to start afresh and cast our nets in a different direction.