19Apr Presider’s Page for 19 April (Easter 2 – Divine Mercy Sunday)

Even though Easter Week is now behind us, today’s liturgy is still filled with Jesus’ resurrection. We continue to celebrate that great event for the next six weeks, until Pentecost Sundayon the last day of May, the fiftieth and final day of Easter.

19Apr Clericalism and the Pandemic

Fr. Jim Sabak, OFM has a thought provoking article on praytellblog.com
"It is always God who acts in and through sacramental encounter, the ordained serving as instruments to gather the Church together for the purpose of encountering God’s activity. In these days, this experience must take place beyond the usual sphere of ritual and rubric. Anything else serves only to limit our vital experience of God’s forgiveness, mercy, and love."

19Apr 19 April, 2020. 2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday)

As we join in our Sunday Mass we are here to meet the risen Christ in person, just as St Thomas did...