25Apr What’s another week?

Seamus Ahearne reports from his cocoon. "I wonder will those of us cocooned emerge as beautiful butterflies or their equivalent?"
"‘bread is broken in many different ways and is done daily.   Even in the lock up days of the cocooned. ... ‘Bread is broken’ on the phone.  In the papers dropped in the door. In the messages. In the shared videos. In the sheer goodness of people."

24Apr “He, after all, is Christ.”

Chris McDonnell writes in the Catholic Times of Dorothy Day, the American Christian Socialist, who "asked questions that, at the time, society was unwilling to contemplate, questions of injustice that fell on deaf ears.
Many of those questions remain unanswered in our present days, now brought into sharp focus by the world-wide COVID crisis that is indifferent to race, colour or wealth, a crisis that ignores passport controls"

24Apr 24 April, 2020. Friday of Week 2 of Easter

Jesus took the food that was offered and, giving thanks to God, somehow fed the large crowd ...

23Apr 23 April, 2020. Thursday of Week 2 of Easter

The more he grows in us, the more we fulfil our potential and become all that God wants us to be...

22Apr Forbidden Fruit: Life and Catholicism in Contemporary Ireland

Seamus Ahearne reviews Forbidden: Fruit Life and Catholicism in Contemporary Ireland
by Declan Henry.
"I think his Book could be a serious challenge for Reflection during these times. As a Church, we have much to do. to face a new world and to find a new place in that world."

22Apr 22 April, 2020. Wednesday of Week 2 of Easter

All who seek the truth are already being guided by the light of Christ, even if they are not yet aware of it...

21Apr Seeds of Peace – Interfaith Prayer

Paul Moses reports in commonwealmagazine.org on a joint act of prayerful solidarity between Catholic and Muslim in the west of Ireland as a response to the corona virus pandemic.
Sadly, but no longer surprisingly, it drew a backlash of bigotry from some people.
But "We never know if the seeds we plant will sprout. But even if they fail, we don’t stop planting."

21Apr 21 April, 2020. Tuesday of Week 2 of Easter

Willingness to share helps us keep our balance, and can bring real blessings into our lives...

20Apr 20 April, 2020. Monday of Week 2 of Easter

The Easter season is a good time to again invite the Holy Spirit to be our fundamental guide in life...

19Apr Presider’s Page for 19 April (Easter 2 – Divine Mercy Sunday)

Even though Easter Week is now behind us, today’s liturgy is still filled with Jesus’ resurrection. We continue to celebrate that great event for the next six weeks, until Pentecost Sundayon the last day of May, the fiftieth and final day of Easter.

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