10Apr The Long Shutdown of Women

Why is Pope Francis so ‘shutdown’ on women?
Why is it that he only offers crumbs to women? He has taken back one crumb (last Commission on Women Deacons) and now seems to offer an even ‘smaller crumb’!!

Has anyone done a thesis on why the last three Popes are so ‘shut down’ on women?
How can they justify Patriarchy as central to the Good News and to a Church that would dare to represent Jesus?
Pope Francis spoke eloquently about separating colonialism from the spread of the Good News at the pan-Amazon synod. What about separating male culture from the spread of the Good News?

Is it that all the feminine is so projected by so many in the Church on to Mary that there is none left for ordinary women? Mary must have been a formidable woman and the matrix in her home given that she kept Jesus under wraps for 30 years! That was some feat!

Where did Jesus get his respect for women from? From his mother? From God? From both?
If from God, how come the leaders of the Catholic Church have not the same respect?

Why is it that the Catholic Church speaks so much with fork-tongue around women? Says nice things about women but nothing substantial. Can’t listen to real women and what they are saying?

These real women follow on from the women who stood at the foot of the Cross when the men had fled. Why is it that Jesus chose to make Mary Magdala the first witness of the Resurrection – the Apostle to the Apostles?

Phyllis Zagano, states that “since there has never been any Magisterial finding that women cannot be ordained as deacons, I can only hope and pray that this new commission does not present an argument that women are ontologically different from men or that women cannot image the risen Christ.”
“Such would be a terrible betrayal of the people of God, the Body of Christ,” she said.

What will it take to open up all the structures and ministries of the Church to women?
I have no hope that any Pope/ Cardinals/ Bishops are going to do so. Bishop Bill Morris, Australia, would do it, but he was taken out.
Will the German Church, who had no time for the New Missal, and with the possibility of ordinary people including women around the table, break with Patriarchy and give us the Good News without any strings attached?

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  1. Colm Holmes

    I agree with Roy:

    “What will it take to open up all the structures and ministries of the Church to women?
    I have no hope that any Pope/ Cardinals/ Bishops are going to do so.”

    The change will come from the grassroots, from the communities and parishes who will dare to follow Christ rather than patriarchal canon law. They will encourage women to read the gospel; to preach the good news; to preside at Eucharists.

    This is already happening in many countries including Ireland. Lay people and their priests should work together to follow where the Holy Spirit is leading.

  2. Margo Gravel-Provencher

    I hope that you can read in French. My works present my contribution to women’s priest. ANd you will like my reference to knock’s Sanctuary, were Mary and Joseph open the transformation of Vatican II.

  3. Margo Gravel-Provencher

    My web is: http://www.margogravelprovencher.com

  4. Kyril Rocha

    This new Commission is set as a response to a 2019 request by most of our Amazonian Bishops.
    Yet, even if Cardinal Hummes with our Bishops are not allowed to act, laypeople will do. Indeed, here in north Brazil, thousands of Amazonian baptized people, every year, day after day, are voting with their feet: Because only men are accepted to Holy Orders, and with only celibate presbyters, where to find answer for their pastoral needs?
    So,they are going to evangelical-pentecostal churches where married men and women freely preach the Word, preside celebrations and lead communities. Thousands and thousands of our Catholic brothers and sisters will not wait until Vatican says yes to reforms we need for Amazonia since long time ago.

  5. Paddy Ferry

    Even Ouellet seems to acquiring some common sense.


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