01May Wrestling with God, an angel or life itself

Seamus Ahearne is wrestling with God, an angel or life itself.
Seamus can become distracted during the live streaming of Mass.
"The Virtual Mass is an Invitation into the life of a Community.  It is hospitable.  I should be gracious and respectful.  But the Sanctuary (of those churches) speaks aggressively.  I look around.  The contradictions of many Sanctuaries attacks my senses. The Re-Ordering that happened some fifty years ago shouts and sometimes even screams. There was the compromise effort. It wasn’t a re-ordering; it was a disordering. The old was kept. The new was added. It doesn’t work.  ...  The utter clutter is confusing. Surely it is now time to get this right."  

01May Scripture Summer School 2020 Vision 2020: Faith into the Future

Dublin diocese Scripture Summer School will be held online.
The cost is €40. Each participant will receive access to all eighteen presentations with full notes and study questions as well as being able to take part in all five Zoom conferences. 

01May 01 May, 2020. Friday of Week 3 of Easter

We receive the holy Eucharist in order to draw life from Christ, as branches draw life from the vine...