19May Fr. Pat Rogers

UPDATE 19 May 2020, 21:45

Fr. Pat Rogers remains very seriously ill in hospital.

His family asks, and is very grateful, for your continued prayers.


Fr. Pat Rogers is the chief organiser of the liturgy section of our ACP website and has given a huge amount of his time to the provision of liturgical and homiletic resources on this site.

Over the past few weeks Pat has been suffering from ill health. We regret to say that he remains very seriously ill in hospital.

Please remember Pat and his family in your prayers and Masses and indeed all who are ill at this time.


4 Responses

  1. Phil Rogers

    Hi members and friends of ACP,

    On behalf of my brother, Fr Pat Rogers CP, I thank you, his brother priests and well-wishers, for your prayers for his full recovery.

    May God bless your work and may you all be safe,
    Phil Rogers

  2. Phil Rogers

    Hi ACP members and friends,

    Your prayers may have helped to save Pat’s life.

    The news is good today. He seems to be on the road to recovery but will be in hospital for several more weeks

    Please keep the prayers going.

    Many thanks, and may God Bless ye all.

    Phil (Pat’s brother)

  3. Justin and Anne Morahan

    We were very sorry to hear of our good friend’s illness (late as it happened in these strange times) but very glad that the last report here from Pat’s brother Phil has positive good news about his recovery. We wish you the very best, Pat, a full recovery and back to your full health and activity without delay.Sláinte agus beatha.
    Anne and Justin.

  4. Eddie Finnegan

    Any one of us, lay or cleric, who has benefited from Fr Pat Rogers’ mighty contribution to this forum over the years will be glad to hear his brother’s report of good improvement in his health.

    The silence of 1,000+ of his ACP brothers, however, speaks volumes about the decline in health of this ten-year old forum, if not of this movement for reform and for a voice for priests. I do not doubt his clerical brothers have been praying silently for his recovery.

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