11Jul Let’s Eat Together – has the time come to change our (anti-) ecumenical practice which hurts people?

Eating Together, Becoming One by Thomas O'Loughlin has won First Place in the “Ecumenism or Interfaith Relations” category in the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada’s 2020 Book Awards. We extend our congratulations to Tom.

Pope Francis called on theologians to explore whether Catholic practice should be changed to allow Christians, belonging to other churches, to share fully at the table when they take part in a eucharist celebrated by Catholics. Thomas O'Loughlin argues that the various ways of thinking about what we are doing in the liturgy should lead us to see intercommunion as enhancing our participation in the mystery of the church and the mystery we celebrate.

11Jul 11 July, 2020. (Saturday) Saint Benedict, patron of Europe

11 July, 2020. (Saturday)
Saint Benedict, patron of Europe

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