09Aug Before we make more mistakes: let’s think again about the ‘new’ lectionary!

Thomas O Loughlin offers his thoughts on a "new" lectionary following the recent announcement by the bishops of Scotland. Can we hope that our bishops might engage with Thomas and others before making a decision?
"There is an alternative – one already adopted in the 1973 English-language edition of the Liturgy of the Hours – which is to use a range of translations depending on what portion of scripture is being translated and how it is being used. Indeed, the very fact that in the current lectionary there is a distinct translation of the Psalter (and there is going to be a distinct version of the psalms in the proposed lectionary), shows that the ‘one size fits all’ approach to translations is faulty."

09Aug Presider’s Page for 9 August (Ordinary Time 19)

We gather to celebrate our beautiful God, who was revealed to Elijah as a gentle breeze and who calmed the storm on the lake. We are grateful that this God takes our fears away and gives rest to our souls.

09Aug 09 August, 2020. 19th Sunday, Year A

09 August, 2020. 19th Sunday, Year A

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