28Aug Columbans promote Season of Creation with podcasts

Vatican News website is reporting:

The podcasts explore biodiversity and related issues of Catholic social teaching as lived in a variety of contexts where Columban missionaries are working.

By Robin Gomes

The Missionary Society of St. Columban, commonly known as …

28Aug Facing down the Catholic Church’s crocodile – the weekly Western People article from Brendan Hoban

Facing down the Catholic Church’s crocodile                   

Western People 25th August 2020

Last week in this column, in commenting on the on-going war being waged in the Church today for the heart and soul of Catholicism, I suggested that ‘the …

28Aug 28 August, 2020. Friday of Week 21

When the Lord calls us to be his followers, it is always for the long haul; he looks to us to keep our light burning right to the very end, through the good times and the bad times. Earlier in Matthew's gospel Jesus had addressed his disciples as the light of the world and called on them to let their light shine so that people might see their good works and give glory to God for them. Keeping our lamps burning, letting our light shine to the end, amounts to doing the good works the Lord calls on us to do, for as long as we are able to do them.

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