31Aug Covid-19 also inspires morality debates, especially when it comes to vaccines.

The Tablet reports:

More bishops are pleading with their governments to give priority to ethically developed coronavirus vaccines, but many also are telling Catholics that not getting vaccinated is a more serious moral problem than using the problematic vaccines.


31Aug Foreign born priests ministering in America – similar experience to those in Ireland?

Ireland is not the only country with foreign born priests in ministry. This is an interesting look at some of the experiences of foreign born priests ministering in America.

It is taken from the NCR:

When Atlanta Archbishop Gregory Hartmayer …

31Aug 31 August, 2020. Monday of Week 22

When he read from the scroll of Isaiah and then sat down to comment on the reading, Jesus indentified himself with two famous prophets, Elijah and Elisha. Oddly, stating this broad scope for his mission made the villagers of Nazareth angry. Since he was one of their own they expected to get special treatment from him. But Jesus has come for all. His aims have not changed. If he has any favourites it is those who are most needy in body, mind, or spirit. He still reaches out to those who need him. All he asks is that we receive him on his own terms, which the Nazareth villagers could not do. The Lord is always close to all of us; it is our need, our suffering, whatever form it takes, which can bring us close to him.

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