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Who cares for the carers?

Avoid the mirror:

I had to check on the Facebook video of last weekend’s Mass. Edinburgh had some technical hitch. (Not that I know anything about technical problems!) It was a weird experience looking and … Read the rest

04Sep How will the Church survive with no money?  Brendan Hoban’s Weekly Column in The Western People

How will the Church survive with no money?      

Western People September 1st 2020

Not too many people know this but Dominick Bellew, bishop of Killala, from 1780 to 1813, lost his life when the horses pulling his carriage bolted … Read the rest

04Sep 04 September, 2020. Friday of Week 22

The Pharisees could not recognise the mysterious divine power in the words and actions of Jesus. They wanted to keep religion under strict control, and were not open to the God of surprises. Trying to put the Gospel message into a new rulebook would be like patching a new garment with old material, or pouring new wine into old wineskins. What Jesus brought was something living and new. To receive it, one must be willing to be surprised by grace.