29Sep Two forthcoming Zoom Conversations from the Scottish Laity Network

Two further Zoom Conversations are planned by the Scottish Laity Network, the first reform movement in the church in Scotland. One is with Tina Beattie and the other is Fr. James Alison. Details below…

Scottish Laity Network

Open Zoom Conversation

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29Sep Joe Mulvaney (We Are Church) on the CDF, Galileo and Tony Flannery…

The Roman Inquisition Has Not Gone Away

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) continues the grisly work. If proof is needed, just listen to the Redemptorist priest Fr. Tony Flannery among many others. Read his article dated … Read the rest

29Sep The Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

The Archangel Raphael was an instrument of healing. He heals the disturbed relationship between a man and a woman. He also brings healing to sightless eyes of old Tobit...