20Sep 20 September, 2020. 25th Sunday, Year A

Of this joyful relationship with God Paul was a shining example. While threatened with persecution he is filled with the joy of Christ. His life is already united with Christ's life, and he longs for the fulfilment of final union.

19Sep 19 September, 2020. Saturday of Week 24

We need to nurture the seed of faith God has planted in us. Our part is to offer good soil for the seed to grow. One component of this good soil is prayer, both our own prayer and joining in the prayer of the community...

19Sep A cardinal says he’s open to women’s ordination; a priest who did so remains suspended

One of world’s most influential cardinals recently admitted that he is “open” to the idea of ordaining women to the Catholic priesthood.

“I am not saying that women have to become priests; I just don’t know. But I’m open to … Read the rest

18Sep The Catholic Church is called “to form consciences, not to replace them.”

John Henry Newman

Following Conscience on our Journey in Faith

Chris McDonnell CT September 18th 2020

The recently canonized John Henry Newman concluded a long Note on Conscience addressed to the Duke of Norfolk with these famous words.”I Read the rest

18Sep 18 September, 2020. Friday of Week 24

St Paul reminds us that within the church, the body of Christ, we are all interdependent. We need others and others need us. We all have something to give and much to receive...

17Sep Séamus Ahearne on love, nature, being professed and carrots for Indi!

If we only have love (Jacques Brel).


The love of an old couple:

The sun has appeared. It is rather brazen after deserting us for the summer. We treasure the past few days. Despite Covid and the Dublin threat, … Read the rest

17Sep Tony Flannery and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Demands have been made to Tony Flannery to "submit" to "doctrinal propositions given by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith" before they deem him fit to return to ministry.

17Sep 17 September, 2020. Thursday of Week 24

Jesus spoke sternly to the proud and the self-righteous, but was gentle with the humble and repentant. He says that while our heavenly Father is ever loving, a forgiving spirit is also required in us.

16Sep THERE MUST BE A LIMIT TO APPEASING ULTRA-CATHOLICS – Fr Liam Power’s Fortnightly Column in the Waterford News and Star

A Question of Faith, Fr Liam Power’s Fortnightly Column

AT a Sunday Mass in one of our local churches recently, the presiding priest reiterated the health and safety protocols designed to protect against Covid-19.

It was in a big church … Read the rest

16Sep 16 September, 2020. Wednesday of Week 24

The music of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is not a doleful dirge. It is joyful music about God's grace and favour to towards all who are open to receive it...

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