01Oct We Remember Maynooth: A College Across Four Centuries

While the ACP website homepage is not a forum for book promotion many members will have an interest in this forthcoming publication from Messenger Publications and may avail of a discount before publication date.  



We Remember Maynooth: A Read the rest

01Oct Seamus Ahearne’s Musings: Don & Joe, AOC, RGB, ACB & ACP… and Indi

‘A child believes that a pony should see the inside of a house.’ Patel



Donald and Joe:

A horror show, it seems. Was it a Tom and Jerry Show or a Punch and Judy Show or … Read the rest

01Oct 01 October, 2020. Thursday of Week 26

The living God is present, his love is close at hand, regardless. The love of God was as much present on Good Friday as on Easter Sunday.