22Oct ACP AGM via Zoom Wed Oct 28th @ 2.00pm

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join us for the

Annual General Meeting of the ACP

via Zoom on

Wed Oct 28th 2020 @ 2.00pm

Agenda, running order and Zoom code to follow.

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One Response


    There are two sides to this debate about freedom of speech within the Catholic Church and Fr. Tony Flannery, whilst giving a most interesting talk on the podcast, address only the first side. One side is the right of theologians and scripture scholars to explore new approaches to centrally important theological, scriptural and spiritual issues. After all, that is precisely what Vatican 11 did. The terms ‘centrally important’ are vital but not always clear or agreed upon. For example, I do not regard priestly celibacy as centrally important whereas Jesus the Christ’s real presence in Eucharist is. Without that freedom doctrines, and the spirituality built upon them, will never develop and grow.
    The second side is the right of the Catholic listener/reader not to have his/her faith undermined or confused by books, articles, speeches that contradict or move far ahead of traditional and centrally important teaching. This, of course, presupposes that Catholics make the effort to be appropriately and correctly informed about their faith and do keep up to date. I accept that as being a big presupposition which touches on personal responsibility and the role of parish. The second side also requires a body to take difficult decisions about what is helpful and acceptable to faith development and what is destructive. The current body in the Vatican performing that function has been far too restrictive and ignoring of the human rights of theologians to be consulted and listened to before a decision is taken.

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