28Oct AGM Today at 2.00pm…


Via Zoom

Join in!


Meeting ID: 820 1250 0266

Passcode: L92c4T

All welcome…

2 Responses

  1. Joe+O'Leary

    Zoom is a stilted medium, but it worked like magic yesterday. I was only able to sit in on the first hour of the meeting, but I found the four presentations fascinating and edifying. Then I sat in on a discussion of Irish mysticism in St Petersburg (the Irish participants were Dermot Keogh, Damian Bracken, and Peter McDonagh). The Russians enthused about Irish mystical sites such as Newgrange, Glendalough, Gougane Barra, and Yeats’s Tower.

  2. Seamus+Ahearne

    Well done team. You carried off the AGM with aplomb. Gerry – you handled everything and coordinated all the disparate parts expertly. Thank you. It was quite some achievement. The Summary of events/involvement and work of the Leadership team, was impressive. But the work itself was clearly so demanding and so essential. Liamy’s administrative role, seems to be expanding at a rapid rate and matters deeply. Appreciation and praise was given to the Liturgy resources people and so deserved. (Pat Rogers contribution was rightly highlighted). The work too of Mattie and now Liamy as Moderators of the site, is a great gift. The site is really the public and constant face of the ACP. You are all a blessing for us.
    Seamus Ahearne osa