11Oct Gerry O’Hanlon SJ speaking about ‘Fratelli Tutti’ on Midwest Radio’s ‘Faith Alive’ programme

Gerry O Hanlon SJ speaking on Fratelli Tutti on Midwest Radio’s Faith Alive programme on Sun Oct 11th 2020 with Monica Morley and Brendan Hoban.

“It’s a nice insight into it and he critiques it well….!”



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  1. Paddy+Ferry

    Thank you for sharing this interview with Fr. Gerry O’Hanlon chatting with Monica Morley about Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Fratelli tutti. It was good to hear Gerry’s voice again.
    We had a very successful Newman Association gathering here in Edinburgh a year last February when Gerry came over to speak about The Quiet Revolution of Pope Francis following the publication of his book.

    Gerry mentions the fact that Francis refers to abortion only once in Fratelli tutti. The link that I am now sharing below is to an address given by Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego who laments the fact that some Catholics reduce Catholic social teaching to a single issue –abortion, and hence the reason some Catholics are planning to vote for Trump and not for the candidate who is a practising Catholic in the forthcoming presidential election, Joe Biden. I have friends in America who are voting for Trump because he is “pro life”. Obviously, the 456 children who were initially encaged and still not reunited with their parents at the Mexican border do not count as “life”. I think Sr. Joan Chittester put her finger on it when she famously explained that so many who are so called pro life are really just pro birth. Cardinal Bernadin and his seamless thread of life is worth revisiting.

    I think Eddie has said somewhere else that it is important we don’t let Fratelli tutti quickly disappear from sight. Francis’ major themes of challenging populism, challenging nationalism and advocating that we welcome the immigrant with love must always be kept in full view.

    We should be grateful to this ACP site for providing us with so much coverage of Fratelli tutti. Our SSVP parish conference here in Edinburgh has had a spiritual reading based on the theme of Fratelli tutti, shared digitally, for the last three weeks–the most recent being a spiritual listening to Gerry’s interview on Faith Alive.


  2. Paddy+Ferry

    On the same theme of Bishop McElroy, this is Fr. Louis Cameli who is a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago and Cardinal Cupich’s delegate for formation and mission.

  3. Paddy+Ferry

    Sorry, I didn’t share the link last time@2


  4. Eddie+Finnegan

    Paddy @2&3:
    On eminence and pre-eminence, will Timothy Dolan of New York insist that, if Wilton Gregory of Washington DC is to be an Eminence, he himself is obviously still Pre-Eminent?

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