10Oct Margaret MacCurtain obituary: Pioneering historian and campaigner

From the Irish Times:

President leads tributes to nun, educator, feminist and human-rights activist.

Margaret MacCurtain

May 17th, 1929-October 5th, 2020

The distinguished historian, educator, feminist and human-rights activist, Dr Margaret MacCurtain OP, has died aged 91. Her research into and writing of what has become known as “women’s history” were pioneering and she is on record as saying: “My determination to write women into mainstream history, though resisted for years, has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.”



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  1. Pól Ó Duibhir

    This was her 90th birthday celebration last year at which many tributes were paid.


  2. Iggy O Donovan

    I had the privilege of studying History and Politics in UCD in the 1970s. Interesting my three greatest teachers at the time were Fergal O Connor, Margaret MacCurtain, and Francis X Martin. All members of religious orders. As students we were riveted by their interesting open, anecdotal and sometimes irreverent approach to Medieval History and Philosophy.
    Great memories.

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