03Dec Brendan Hoban’s weekly Western People column – the doubtful currency of apologies.

Apologies are a dubious currency in Covid era

Western People column


As we edge towards the end of a second COVID lockdown, we look back and look forward. Back to the almost 3,000 people who have lost their lives … Read the rest

03Dec Chris McDonnell on Tony Flannery’s ‘From the Outside.’

From the outside, looking in

Chris McDonnell CT

Belonging to a social group, a sports club, a political party or a local community association involves accepting certain rules and patterns of behaviour. Our behaviour is modified for the greater good … Read the rest

03Dec Thursday in the 1st Week of Advent

We can identify with the weather image in today's gospel, "Rains came down, floods rose, gales blew." Familiar, isn't it? Apart from weather storms, we can also be struck by storms of a different kind, in our health, our family, our finances or our career.