28Dec Brendan Hoban’s ‘Western People’ Christmas column

Finding a calm, silent place this Christmas

Western People Dec 22nd 2020


As everyone keeps saying, Christmas 2020 won’t be a ‘normal’ Christmas. As if we need to be reminded! Fewer will make it home and families, usually …

28Dec The Holy Innocents, martyrs

1st Reading: 1 John 1:5-2:2

Those who walk in darkness, and those who walk in the light

Beloved: This is the message that we have heard from Jesus Christ and proclaim to you: God is light, and in him there …

27Dec Presider’s Page for 27 December (Holy Family)

On this first Sunday after Christmas Day, we honour the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We entrust our families to their patronage, and pray for all who have been part of our families, those still alive and those whom we hope have joined the great family of God in heaven.

27Dec The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Even though we honour them as the Holy Family, it does not mean they never had problems to face, as every family must. Just as every Christian has a share in the cross of Christ, the Holy Family also experienced life's crosses...

26Dec St. Stephen, the first martyr

Stephen died as Jesus died, "filled with the Holy Spirit." We have received the same Holy Spirit, inspiring us to live like Jesus and die like Jesus...

25Dec Presider’s Page for 25 December (‘Day Mass’)

We celebrate today an amazing mystery — God is born in time. The eternal God shares our nature, he has pitched his tent in the midst of humanity. With joy in our hearts, we contemplate the mystery of the Word made flesh.

25Dec Presider’s Page for 25 December (‘Dawn Mass’)

We gather with joy in our hearts to celebrate the birthday of our Saviour. The rising sun of this winter morning reminds us that Jesus, who is born for us, rose from death as our undying light, our hope and our salvation.

25Dec The Nativity of the Lord

Let the gloom and darkness, which exemplify the fallen and corrupt nature of the human race, be lifted, ushering in a new age of glory to God and peace on earth. And so an angel of the Lord appeared to some humble shepherds...

24Dec Presider’s Page for 24 December (‘Night Mass’)

Opening Comment
In the dark of this winter night, we proclaim the new light that has shone on the world: Jesus Christ is born! With the angels, we worship God who saves us — for through the life, death and …

24Dec Beannachtaí na Nollag….


Wishing you

a blessed Christmas


peaceful New Year

Unto Us…

Past the inn with ne’er a vacancy,

raucous revelry, receding…

Around the back to the stables.

Animals stirring… then still,

breathing warmth

in cold night air.

Aloft, a

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