09Jan Séamus Ahearne: Food for the journey and wise women…

On Jordan’s banks


The world is rotten with victimhood. Blame-culture is in vogue. Trump is a sad example. His election was stolen. He should be continuing as ‘Capo di Tutti Capi.’ He sent the baggage of his hurt to … Read the rest

09Jan New Year: New Lockdown: New Opportunities: Lumen Dominican Centre online supports – “Fill your minds…”

We are an Adult Education Centre, located on the Dominican Campus in Sion Hill, Blackrock, Co Dublin, and our website is


On our website you can read our Mission Statement:

Lumen Dominican Centre derives its mission from the educational Read the rest

09Jan January 9. Saturday after Epiphany

While Jesus stayed in close communion with God he also kept touch with people in their need. The same duality is also true of our own inner selves. In prayer, we are mindful of God’s presence, tuning in to God’s presence within us, but also prompts us to think about others, to feel their needs.