20Feb America Magazine: Churches should mandate vaccines for people coming back to Mass

Charles E. Binkley|David S. Kemp write:

Many Catholics have not been able to attend in-person, communal worship and celebration of the sacraments because of the risk of infection with Covid-19. The obvious way for the faithful to be able to resume full participation and unfettered access to the sacraments is to mandate that churchgoers receive an approved Covid-19 vaccine (i.e., one with full Biologics License Approval from the Food and Drug Administration).

Churches have an ethical obligation to protect the health of clergy, staff and worshipers. One of the highest-risk settings for contracting Covid-19 is a large, closed space containing many people.




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  1. Liamy Mac Nally

    The Journal reports:
    Catholic Church leaders urge Taoiseach and government to allow Easter celebrations
    See link;

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