23Mar The Best Catholics in the World – virtual book launch Thurs 25th March 7.00pm

The virtual launch of

The Best Catholics in the World 

by Derek Scally

will take place Thursday March 25th at 7.00pm.

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/95914878888

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  1. Paddy Ferry

    The Best Catholics in the World.

    I thought there would be some comment on here after after the Zoom webinar event on March 25th when Derek Scally and Caelinn Hogan discussed his new book, “The Best Catholics in the World”.

    I hadn’t intended to join the event that night until I read his interview with Cardinal Séan Brady in the Sunday Independent that week, a man who now, finally, seems to recognise the enormity of his “failings” in his dealings with the children who had been abused by Brendan Smyth and those who continued to be abused despite the information he received from Brendan Boland.

    I digress. Anyway, having read that I decided to join the webinar though I thought I already knew all there was to be known about the background to our Church’s calamitous loss of credibility and respect having read other books such as Brendan and Tony’s and Gerry O’Hanlon’s “The Quiet Revolution of Pope Francis”.

    So, having watched and listened to the conversation between the author and Caelinn I realised there might be things in this story that I hadn’t, infact, realised so I have ordered my copy tonight.

    Two things in particular caught my attention. Derek said during the conversation that we Irish Catholics had a “deference addition.”
    Interesting, but surely we were not the only nationality with that affliction.

    He also said that the model of Catholic Church we had in Ireland dated from the immediate post famine period. I don’t think I realised that.

    I am not too impressed with Derek’s piece on the late, great Hans in the Irish Times though I am grateful for it having been shared on this site.
    Not impressed apart from the last paragraph where Tony’s views are quoted. Now, I certainly could agree with all of that.