28Apr AUDIO: James Alison Zoom Tuesday April 27th – pastoral care of LGBTQ+

Over 100 people tuned in last evening to the ACP zoom presentation by James Alison on the pastoral care of the LGBTQ+ community. The evening was hosted by ACP Leadership Team member Gerry O’Connor.

This is the link to the audio of the event:



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  1. Phil Greene

    Audio James Alison
    Gentlemen, I just listened to this audio and really want to say a heartfelt and humble Congratulations and Thank You to the ACP leadership team for taking this initiative after the CDF’s atrocious statement.

    From the start with “Psalm 139” to the end with “Jesus of the Corners” and every word in between reflected the integrity and maturity of your calling and it was indeed a very special safe space you all created last evening, with possibly more to follow.

    Some very courageous people came forward and some strong, supportive bonds forged I would imagine; everyone spoke with such honesty and compassion, with complete respect for one another.

    Totally agree that it is so important for many of our young people to feel that they totally support the LGBTQ as well as calling out inequality and racism, I am thankfully learning from my daughter how some of my so-called “harmless” language is really not OK anymore.

  2. Phil Greene

    …. support the LGBTQ+ community…

  3. Sean O'Conaill

    Stating the rationale for Ireland’s ‘synodal pathway’ over the next five years, the Irish Bishops Conference begins with:

    “Solidarity, Outreach to the Peripheries and the Promise of a New Pentecost

    “Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium), together with his encyclicals, Laudato Si’ and Fratelli Tutti offer a challenging framework for the Church of today and tomorrow – calling us in particular to solidarity with the poor, the excluded and those “on the peripheries”, who yearn for the Good News. This calling also includes initiatives of social friendship in favour of our sisters and brothers in other continents.”

    Inevitably the association of Catholic fidelity with the deliberate marginalisation of any minority will derail this intent and process, and the CDF initiative re the banning of blessings for committed same sex relationships may well be exploited to serve that very purpose. At any time of crisis the option of scapegoating – of agreeing to unify ‘ourselves’ by demonising ‘them’ – is ready to hand.

    All of us need to be prepared for the possibility that there will be those in Ireland who will be tempted to seize on the same strategy in coming years – and to arm ourselves against it.

    Heterosexuals also – parents especially – have just as much to lose by allowing the synodal journey to be hijacked in that way. I was very struck by the testimony given by James Alison and others in this audio to the power of homophobia to alienate younger generations – so any tolerance of it will certainly sabotage Irish Catholicism’s ‘synodal pathway’ by diverting us into a sterile cul de sac.

    Who can listen to that audio without realising that the most hurt and harmed among our brothers and sisters can be found in our midst just as readily as on ‘other continents’?

  4. Joe O'Leary


    This documentary is a chilling reminder: