09Apr Online Workshop: The Art of Living and Dying Fri 21 May-23 May

The Art of Living and Dying: Transforming Spiritual Pain (Fri 21 May – Sun 23 May 2021)

Please join us on Friday 21 – Sunday 23 May 2021 for this online workshop, one of four stand-alone modules that combine to form the Art of Living & Dying series, where you will discover the art and science of healing practices that support body-mind-spirit wellness.  Practical tools will be offered for spiritual discernment with a focus on how to ask courageous questions when dealing with suffering related to aging, serious illness, and the end of life.

Throughout this programme, insights are drawn from the wisdom of the East that bring to light the beauty of all of life’s transitions.  In this workshop, you will experience a variety of healing modalities, learn about the essential qualities of compassion and “exquisite empathy” in caregiving, and re-discover the time-tested skills necessary for maintaining a centered, healthy presence in both professional and personal environments.  The May online workshop is followed by five monthly online Circle of Trust© study groups.

Programme fee is €355 with an Early Bird price of €295 when you register by 21 April.  Presenters include an internationally experienced team from Ireland and the United States.

If you would like to talk to one of our Irish team members, please contact Patricia Hallahan (Dublin) nealtru@gmail.com 087 661 5729 or Úna McKeever (Galway) unamckeever21@gmail.com 087 250 5015.  Register online at https://sacredartofliving.org/irish-programs