11Apr Pádraig McCarthy – An Easter Reflection: Descent of Christ to the Dead

ACP member and Dublin priest Pádraig McCarthy writes:

Now that our second Covid Easter week has launched, I’d like to suggest an inspiring reflection on the spirituality and significance of Easter.

It’s a Holy Saturday reflection from our parish of the Ascension of the Lord, here in Balally (Dublin D16 E032).

It may sound strange to propose it as an Easter reflection, but to me it’s well worth while any time, especially during Eastertide. The only way to find out is to watch it.

It’s focus is on the Descent of Christ to the Dead, and the Harrowing of Hell – in other words, the Resurrection as the overcoming of the power of death and evil.

It’s length is 65 minutes. The link is below.

Members of our parish in different locations take part.

Perhaps it would offer ideas for communities and parishes around the country for the future. Perhaps others may have reflections and events to offer as well from their own Holy Week and Easter ceremonies. 

Church of the Ascension of the Lord, Balally Parish – Cedar Road, Wedgewood, Dublin 16, Ireland (churchservices.tv)

 Happy Eighth Day of Easter.