15May ACI Synodal Pathway Talk Series

ACI Synodal Pathway Talk Series 

Association of Catholics in Ireland (ACI) Zoom Events

In preparation for Ireland’s five-year Synodal Pathway for the Catholic Church in Ireland leading to a National Synodal Assembly, the ACI is arranging a series of online discussions, led by personalities who are already thoughtful about ‘walking together’ towards a co-responsible church.  

The first of these will take place on Zoom on:

Thursday 20th May, at 8.00 p.m.

Speaker: David Timbs, Catholics for Renewal – Australia

David will outline his hopes and fears for Australia’s own imminent ‘Plenary Council’ of the Catholic Church to be held in October.

Admission to the talk is free and registration is not necessary.



Meeting ID: 858 7277 9921

Passcode: 916970

One Response

  1. Anne O'Brien

    Have just looked at your intro to Pathways to Synodality series. And I like what you say that you are including people who have some thoughts on this already. I also see that the Assoc of Religious are having an attempt to organise a group for laity towards this synodality process beginning with an input from the CEO from Viatores Christi. Then I looked at the info. on the Task Force on Renewal/Synodality set up by the Dublin Diocese and yes, equal membership of men and women (advisors are all male) but if we are serious about female involvement would it not be good if this Task Force were led by a woman?
    So is it just me but all this seems like being led from the “top down rather than the bottom up”?
    It also has such a feel of clericalism to it? A feel of the institutional church…it may have some good thinkers and thoughts and good intentions but God it sounds heavy, language weighted rather than freeing, expressive, creative and transformative…in thinking about all of the above these days the words of Meister Eckhert keep going round in my head, “I pray God to rid me of God”, (at least I think That’s his quote). Thank you. Anne.

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