06May We need to revise Catholic teaching on Relationships and Sexuality – Tony Flannery

Tony Flannery writes:

In my most recent book I wrote about how the Church has created problems for itself, and for believers, by defining doctrines at particular times in its history, and declaring that they have to be held by all the faithful for all time. Since we are living in an evolutionary world that is by its very nature changing and developing, and since doctrines are constrained by the knowledge and understanding of the particular time in which they were defined, it seems to me inevitable that a doctrine defined many centuries ago will makes less sense as time goes on.



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  1. Fr Iggy O'Donovan

    Yesterday May 10 throughout Germany a great series of blessings took place of both gay and straight marriages. It was a direct response to the recent missive from the CDF.
    I am delighted to read that my Augustinian colleagues (some at least) at Wurzburg participated.

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