27Jun Compassion, Inclusion and Courage – link to RTÉ Service on Sunday

Compassion, Inclusion and Courage

This Service on Sunday, link below, is a gentle expression of God’s power and grace in all His beloved children.

I pray that all involved in leadership in the Christian churches, will open their hearts and minds, and reach out to the marginalised.

We have the perfect example to follow in our compassionate, inclusive and courageous Jesus Christ.

Mary Cunningham


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  1. Soline Humbert

    Compassion, Inclusion and Courage. Thank you Mary for your prayer and link to Service. This article exposes one of the prime homophobic influencer of the hierarchy.

  2. Paddy Ferry

    Compassion, Inclusion and Courage.

    In today’s Gospel from Mark ( July 4th, 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time ) we hear of Jesus’ rejection when he returned home to preach in Nazareth.
    In the Word of God section on this site this gospel is excellently interpreted.

    It is indeed very fitting today to look at all the various ways people face rejection, for example, those of a different skin colour, those who practice a different faith — even a different Christian faith and, very pertinently today, those with a different sexual orientation and this is by no means a complete list.

    Something that has been bothering me recently is my impression that those who would want to be included under the banner of Pro-Life are also among those most likely to be opposed to granting LGBTQ+ all of their basic human rights. Perhaps, my impression is mistaken.

    But, if I am correct, then obviously the “life” of some would appear to be less important than the “life” of others. I am more and more coming around to sharing the view of Sr. Joan Chittister who has been saying for sometime that the Pro-Life movement should be relabelled Pro-Birth as it does appear that for many in that movement their interest exists only in protecting the “life” of the unborn.

  3. Paddy Ferry

    Compassion, Inclusion and Courage.

    Church of Ireland minister quits parish after branding church “homophobic”


  4. Paddy Ferry

    Compassion, Inclusion and Courage./ Ballyfermot Rosary Rally.

    Adrian, thanks for the update. All reasonable people, I am sure, greatly admire what you did.

    And, Joe, thanks for the link to Fr. John McNeill. I had never heard of him.
    Honesty and integrity in the priesthood on this matter could be a worthy future issue for debate on this site — despite what that bishop once said to you.

    Hope the weather is good in Donegal next week. It was dry all day on St. Swithin’s Day!